Art Supplies:

Segelson Production craft lightweight Pochade Boxes & Art-Boards, for plein air artists around the world.

A person sitting in the nature and holding the pochade box with one hand like a open book and use the box to paint plein air art Plein Air Pochade Box
A pile of 15 gesso primed panels Primed Art Panels

Shirts etc.

Various merch with my artworks.

A black sweatshirt with an image of an large spray can cap on a sprayed mark from a fat cap with dripping paint in blue
Sweatshirt - Fat Cap
A black t-shirt with a graphically spray can cap in blue-gray
T-Shirt - Spray Can Art

Svante Segelson

Svante painting plein air
Me - Painting Plein Air


Here I'm using my own product, the Poshade Box, when painting with oil colors. 😃