Digital Illustrations:

3D Illustrations, Art Works, Digital Paint, Retouches e.t.c.

3D illustration
3D illustration - Oriflame
3D illustration
3D illustration - Oriflame
3D illustration
Package illustration - Tyrkisk Peber
Polly - Origial
Package illustration - Polly Original
Polly - Charter
Package illustration - Polly Charter
Marabou - Noblesse
Package illustrations - Noblesse
LOKA - Likes Candy
Package illustrations - LOKA Likes Candy
Package illustration - Loka
Package Artworks - LOKA Likes Passion
Malaco - Favorit
Package illustrations - "Favorit"
Malaco - Supersur
Package illustrations - "Supersur"
Malaco - Tropical Fruit
Package illustrations - "Tropical Fruits"
Diners Club - Eiffel
Ad illustration - Eiffel
Diners Club - Coloseum
Ad illustration - Colloseum
Läkerol - strawberry
Ad Artwork - Strawberry
3D illustration
Tyrkisk Peber - Lollipops
3D illustration
3D illustration - PLAZA
3D illustration - PLAZA Magazine
3D illustration - PLAZA
Byggtjänst - Unplessant Message
Ad - Unpleassant Message

3D Characters:

3D Characters from sketch to final production.

Cloetta - Sweet
3D character - "Sweet"
Cloetta - Sour
3D character - "Sour"
Cloetta - Salty
3D character - "Salty"
Barnens Livräddnings-Skola - Our Friends
3D characters - "BLS"
Barnens Livräddnings-Skola - Sam
3D character - "Sam"
Aschehoug - Isi
3D character - "Isi"
Chicobanana - Music
3D character - "Chico-B"


3D Animations, Visual Effects, Character Animaitons, Ads, GIF Animations e.t.c.

3D animations - Mixed Reel

Technical Illustration:

Technical illustrations in 3D

Piab stack
Technical 3D - PIAB
Piab - Coax Principle
Technical 3D - COAX Principle
SSAB - X-Ray
Technical 3D - SSAB - X-Ray
ABB - Flexarc
Technical 3D - FlexArc

3D Models:

3D models created on commission for external productions.

Cassini spaceship
3D model - Cassini
Huge spaceship
3D model - Limitless Space Institute

3D Visuals:

Visualisations of products before they exists in 'real life'

Läkerol - product line-up
3D Visuals - Läkerol
Marabou Starbar
3D Visuals - Starbar
Arla Godmorgon Juice
3D Visual - Godmorgon Juice
Apoliva - product line-up
3D Visuals - Apoliva

Classic Illustration:

Classic hand painted illustrations in Acrylic or Gouache. This is what I did before I started with computer graphics.

Bondmorans bästa val
Classic Illustration - "Bondmorans Bästa Val"
Leksands knäckebröd
Classic Illustrations - "Knäckebröd"
GB Glace Smak-illustrationer
Classic Illustrations - "Flavour-Pics"
Silja Line
Classic Ad Illustrations - "Silja Line"
Stockmos Cider
Classic Package Illustrations - Stockmos Cider
Classic Illustration - "Viking"

Free Art:

Classic art, painted with oil colors. Mostly small quick alla prima studies, where I am trying to capture the light of reality.

No Name
Studie - 15x15 cm
No Name
Studie - 15x15 cm
Studie - "Maulstick" 15x15 cm
No Name
Studie - 15x15 cm
No Name
Studie - "No Name"
No Name
Studie - "No Name"

Svante Segelson

Svante outside in the summer painting plein air
Me - Painting Plein Air


With over 20 years experience in illustration and 3D-graphics, Segelson Production can help producing 3D-animations, illustrations, 3D-Characters, Visuals, Visual Effects, e.t.c.